..not your average piano lesson

Piano lessons don't have to be boring... in fact, they shouldn't be!!   Music is fun and no one knows this better then Music for Young Children®.    The learning and understanding of music helps our kids in all areas of life; it helps build confidence and self-esteem, aids in self-expression, develops social-skills, concentration and discipline... good stuff our kids need! Now lets guide them there together, and show them a good time doing it!  MYC® offers quality music education delivered through songs, story-telling, theatrical movement and crafts. MYC® is a program like no other...  Get ready to learn and have FUN!

About Us

  • Pickering Music House is a small music school operating out of the Sevilla Family home in west Durham.  Pickering Music House has been offering  Music for Young Children® classes since 2009, taking the 'piano lesson' to a whole new level.

MYC Corporate Mission Statement

  • We provide the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction.