MYC  Teachers meet specific performance and theory qualifications.  In addition they receive special program training, ongoing refresher courses and regular evaluations by their MYC area coordinators.  Teachers are committed to parent involvement, encouraging learning, children and families.

Jennifer Sevilla is a wife and mother, and has been playing the piano since she was 7 years old.  She completed her Royal Conservatory Grade 8 exam, and Rudiments Theory II.  She loves teaching children and has years of experience in swimming instruction through the Red Cross, with children as young as 6 months through to 14 years of age. 
Although she left teaching to pursue a career in design, the birth of her son brought on the realization that she missed teaching children and once again craved the company of those genuine, little souls.  Teaching music to children has quickly become her main focus, and a sincere source of fulfillment.  "Learning and understanding music does so much for a child.. far beyond the ability to play an instrument.  It's an honour to be part of the process that enriches their lives in so many ways.  I have found what I truly love to do."


Of course it's really all about the kids.  Students come to MYC music class because it's fun, they make friends, they learn. 


Parents are essential to the success of this program, and are a very special part of the process.  Each child is accompanied to every class by a parent/guardian.  They are not only involved as their child's 'music helper' in class, but at home as well.  Parents learn along with their child, and the time spent together in class and during practice at home, is often a bonding experience that gives parent and child time together.

Pickering Music House
               ..not your average piano lesson!

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Bright, clean, main-level studio located directly off the front entrance.  The studio is approximatly 13'x15' with a large north-facing window.  The room houses 1 piano, 4 digital keyboards, and percussion instruments for all students.  Class sizes range from 3-6 child/parent teams, and there is plenty of street parking.  Pickering Music House is a pet-free environment.

   Circle area & Keyboards

  Main Entrance

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